#Wales at the Venice Biennale: …the rest is smoke

…the rest is smoke Helen Sear represents Wales, the exhibition runs at Santa Maria Ausiliatrice, Castello 450, near via Garibaldi. The title is a quote from a Latin inscription taken from Andrea Mantegna’s St. Sebastian (Nothing is stable if not divine. The rest is smoke). Exploring art and its different media in relation to temporality and unimportant level of human existence. […]

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Tiramisù (Pick me up)#Venetianrecipes

There are lots of variations of this famous Venetian pudding. The original recipe was created in Treviso by the chef Roberto Linguanotto aka Loli. No marsala, no liqueur, here are the ingredients: 12 egg yolks ½ kg of sugar 1 kg of mascarpone savoiardi (lady fingers) espresso coffee, cooled cocoa powder Action First prepare a large moka, pour […]

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